B2B Pay for Performance

Starting at $50 Per Lead

Mo to Month Agreements. Cancel Anytime.

At B2B Sumo, we pride ourselves on focusing on QUALITY vs QUANTITY. We offer flexible month to month plans because we are 100% confident that we will be able to generate the highest quality MQL for you and your B2B sales teams. 

How it works:

We build & execute your lead generation campaign using our lookalike data and proprietary targeting process. You pay NOTHING unless we generate MQL (marketing qualified leads) that match our agreed upon scope. (See some of our requirements here)

Key details:

Leads start at $50 per lead but before we give you a quote, we will need to capture some info from you first. Once we start working together, we will also need access into your CRM if you’d like us to create a custom integration (no costs there either).



Data Targeting

CRM Integration

Amazing Customer Service


How is B2B Sumo different?

Customer Service

You’ll never ben “just a number” with B2B Sumo. We take making our clients happy VERU seriosly and you’ll feel that once we start working together. 

Unique Data Offering

Our proprietary way to create B2B lookalike audiences and target those people with your brand and content will generate more leads that are more ready to close. 

Month to Month

You’ll never sign any long term agreements with us. Each one of our clients can cancel at anytime. 

5-6 Day Start Time

Unlike other lead generation companies in the B2B space, we can start generating you pay for performance B2B leads in about a week. 

100% Performance Based

You’ll never pay for anything else besides MQLs that have been pre-qualified based on your preferences. 

Growing With You

Whether you’re a small company and have a smaller budget or an Enterprise company but want to walk before we run together, we can scale up / down to fit your budgetary needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign a long term agreement?

No. Each client is on a month to month agreement. We manage all of the relationships with the advertising channels and the data partner agreements.

Are there any hidden pay for performance fees?

It’s pretty straight forward. You ONLY pay when we deliver the MQL leads via email or inside your CRM. We normally bill the credit card we have on file 2 times a month. 

How do you generate leads?

To summarize, we create ideal buyers based on the info you give us as well as the research we do. Those buyers are then prospected via calls, emails and advertising. We then only give you the best of the best of those leads. 

How many leads can I expect each month?

It depends. Normally, starting off we see the least. As we learn more about your ideal buyer, the more the data improves and the more feedback we get from you, we will start to see more leads coming in. 

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