How to Improve Your B2B Lead Quality & Quantity

b2b leads improving quality and quantity

With longer sales cycles and a growing amount of competition in your B2B space, having a streamlined and measurable lead generation process is very important. Not only for the growth of your company but for the culture you’ve created and are creating along the way.

Some of the issues we’ve seen with our clients when we first take them on is the quantity and quality of B2B Leads.

Improving B2B Leads: Quantity

The quantity of your leads is paramount to keep your sales and marketing team busy, learning and practicing the messaging. Sure, the quality is important too but we are focusing on the numbers in this section.

Live Chat

Do you have a chat tool on your site? Are you integrating it with your Google Ads (Message Extension)? This is an often overlooked easy way to capture the people that are on your website through your ads or organic SEO web traffic that may normally just bounce and go somewhere else.

We hear things like, “We don’t have the internal resources” or “The chat person’s expertise isn’t on par with our technical sales department…” etc etc.

There are many companies that offer 24/7 manned chat where the main goal is the capture the lead’s info so a member of your team can follow up with them.

Improve and Increase Your Online Reviews

You may not believe it but if you have a Google My Business listing, getting more Google Reviews may help get more eyeballs and visibility on your URL.

When you get a new client, one of the things you should be doing is asking for reviews on the most important platforms that you’re on.

Google is, in my opinion, one of the most important simply because it’s Google.

However, if you’re a SaaS company, you may want to get reviews on sites like Capterra or G2.

Improve Your Prospecting Techniques. 

This sounds like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised how many B2B companies that don’t use free or cheap tools to help their sales team prospect.

Simple tools like an IP tracking software that allows you to know who’s on your website. We use one called Visitor Queue that we love as it gives you real-time alerts on potential leads that are checking you out.


Improving B2B Leads: Quality

Data leads the show here.

Having the most accurate data on your target market and inside your CRM will help improve lead quality on many levels.

Instead of sending your sales team 100 mediocre leads of tire kickers, imagine sending half of that and cutting down the time to close (velocity) 50 – 60%.

What would that do to your bottom line?

Find a Vendor that knows Data. 

Many B2B companies start off by buying a list from one of the big name data companies out there. While it’s a decent start, you shouldn’t invest all of your marketing budget there. Between B2B lookalike audiences, algorithms, shared info and startups helping streamline prospecting and all of this extra knowledge we now have, we recommend working with a 3rd party that “gets it”.

Why a vendor? Because your company most likely doesn’t have the resources internally to create the same database and proprietary algorithms and follow up systems as these other companies do.

Maybe in 3-4 years data like this will become comoditized just like content marketing or SEO has become, but at the time of me writing this, that’s just not the case.

Sales and Marketing Alignment.

One way to truly improve B2B Lead quality is to make sure that your sales and marketing teams both agree on what an MQL or SQL is… well as collaborate to improve revenue. (according to Marketing Sherpa, only about 45% of companies have these types of definitions)

One story I remember someone telling me a while back was about a SaaS company’s last day of the month push to get more sales.

The marketing team ended up celebrating at a local pub at 4PM all while the sales team was struggling to convert any of the leads and was still at the office stressing.

The marketing team, according to them, did their “job”. The sales team’s definition of an MQL / SQL was completely different.

Are you a SaaS company or other B2B business that needs quality leads to supplement your sales pipeline? Chat with us today for more info on how we could work together.


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