B2B Healthcare Lead Generation

Pay for Performance

With over a decade of experience in the medical & healthcare space, we are able to deliver your organization B2B, Marketing Qualified Leads that your sales teams will love. 


No matter what kind of niche target you have on the radar, we are able to use our B2B look-alike audience targeting system and get in front of your prospects at the right time and place. 

b2b healthcare lead generation

How Does Our Healthcare Lead Generation Process Work?

We have created an effective step by step follow up process that includes human follow up, B2B lookalike audience targeting and 3rd party data integration. 

b2b pay for performance lead generation how it works

Improve Sales Velocity Through the Funnel

Our healthcare clients in the B2B space, see a much faster lead to close time frame as our MQLs tend to close much faster than other lead generation companies out there. This improves Sales Velocity will help you reach your revenue targets while keeping great morale among your sales team. 

sales velocity B2B Sumo


Does My Healthcare Company Qualify?

It depends. Some of the criteria below includes but isn’t limited to: 

  • Do you currently have a Sales PROCESS for incoming leads? 
  • Do you have a CRM that we can integrate into to send you real-time leads?
  • Do you understand the value of B2B lead generation?
  • Have you sold into the healthcare space before? 

Who is B2B Sumo? 

We are a team of industry marketing professionals with one goal in mind. To generate your B2B product or service company high quality, marketing qualified healthcare leads that power your pipeline with leads that have a much higher likelihood of closing into revenue.

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