Does My Company Qualify?

B2B Pay for Performance Lead Gen

We wish we could work with every B2B company in the world but we do have some struct guidelines in place. 


Your company must have the following in order to move to the next step in the process: 


  • Defined sales process in place currently. 
  • At least 1 dedicated sales person. 
  • A CRM in place.
  • The ability to field and follow up on a large fluctuation of leads. 
  • Your main service offering is higher in cost.
  • A product or service that requires research before purchase. 
  • You’re not an eCommerce shop.
  • You understand that we deliver the leads, we don’t close them for you. 
b2b pay for performance lead generation qualification

Check out some of the B2B verticals we work with here. If you’re type of company isn’t listed but you seem to match the bullets above, please schedule a demo today. We look forward to speaking with you! 

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