B2B Pay for Performance Leads

Accelerate Your Pipeline.

Are you a B2B company that is tired of the traditional marketing agency model?


At B2B Sumo, we’ve turned that model upside down and focus solely on sending our B2B clientele MQL’s (marketing qualified leads) on a pay for performance (p4p) lead gen basis.


We will completely fund the strategy, advertising spend, marketing automation & phone call follow ups.


We are also partnered with numerous 3rd party data companies that allow us to strategically target your IDEAL client, no matter how niche it is.

Does My Company Qualify?

It depends. Some of the criteria below includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Do you currently have a PROCESS for incoming leads? 
  • Are you able to handle large amounts of leads? 
  • Are you in a B2B space that we feel comfortable with? 
  • Do you understand the value of lead generation?
lead generation dashboard b2b

How Does Our Pay for Performance Model Work?

We use both a B2B lookalike audience targeting model with automated human and email follow up to generate MQLs (marketing qualified leads).


The visual below explains our process. 


1: We generate custom, HIGHLY targeted, B2B lookalike audiences based on the info you give us in conjunction with our research.

2: Every lead is filtered using our technology to ensure accuracy.

3: We promote your content / brand directly via phone, then ask custom questions to pre-qualify further.

4: We follow up 3 more times via video emails.

5: We then send a custom, handwritten postcard with your brand to the prospect.

6: Lastly, we send the lead to you via email or seamlessly integrated into your CRM.


B2B Sumo How it Works V2

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