B2B Pay for Performance Lead Generation: Benefits for Marketers

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We often gets asked by Chief Marketing Officers and other marketing management related positions that we work with, “How is investing in your B2B performance based lead gen going to help me out on the marketing side?”

Whether you’re a marketer or a sales executive, the main benefits are going to be related to your bottom line and sales velocity.

However, marketing teams do have a different grouping of benefits to B2B lead gen. In this post, we outline a few of them.

1: Measurable Results

The marketing team is responsible for reporting back to the CEO on marketing KPIs such as lead quantity, email open rates, misc website KPI’s and more. When you partner with a company like mine, you’ll be able to have a consistent stream of Marketing Qualified Leads that have a much higher likelihood of closing. This within itself helps bulk up your impact on the sales team’s closing ratios. Ultimately making you look better at your job!

2: Automation Enhancement

If your marketing team has a marketing automation platform like a Marketo or Hubspot, you’re already on the right track. B2B pay for performance leads that come in as an MQL are already primed and ready for a sales member to talk to. At time, the lead may not be ready to close at that very moment. This is where your marketing automation expertise comes in. The leads that we send to our clients already have the miondset that they are going to be emailed by our clients. This drastically removes the “wall” and opens them up to be sent more emails, SMS or phone calls from your sales team.

3: Improving Your Avatar

As a marketer, you’ve also hopefully mapped out your buyer personas or avatars. Working with with an agency that does pay for performance (and a structure similar to how we generate the leads using B2B look-alike audiences) you’ll be able to learn a lot more about your IDEAL client.


Since by the time your sales team speaks with the prospect, he or she has been vetted and chosen based on numerous factors that match demographic and firmographic filters. Therefore, most of the interactions will be with prospects that are more likely your ideal client. It’s your job to track comments in your CRM as well as have marketing / sales collaboration to get feedback.

Summary: B2B pay for performance isn’t just for sales team. The marketing teams do benefit tremendously if you choose to play an active role in the process.


Dustin DeTorres


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