B2B Pay for Performance Lead Generation 101

b2b pay for performance lead generation 101

If your business competes relentlessly on the sales and marketing front but you just can’t seem to find the “right” digital marketing provider, you may want to look into pay for performance (P4P) lead generation.

Pay for performance B2B lead generation helps you avoid paying for a bunch of maybe leads that don’t go anywhere. You’ll also be able to stay away from marketing agencies that charge monthly retainers for tactics that don’t specifically correlate with increased revenue.

Make sure your company hires the best B2B pay for performance lead generation company that can perform the actionable strategies listed below.

B2B Lead Generation Overview

B2B lead generation is the first step of trying to funnel leads and convert them to company sales. The pay for performance B2B lead generation marketing method makes sure that your lead generation service is priced as a per-delivery offering. B2B lead generation already works well with clients that have longer sales cycles and a more streamlined data process, so the pay per-delivery strategy provides businesses with a “skin in the game” approach.

There are four things you want to consider before hiring a b2b lead generation pay for performance company for your business. They are:

  1. Study the company’s lead generation marketing method to ensure you understand the ROI.
  2. Your best investment for pay for performance lead generation marketing is through scalable integration of a company’s CRM with updates in real-time.
  3. Make sure the company you partner with has a process to find your target market as well as be able to differentiate who’s actually IN THE MARKET to buy.
  4. Make sure that the company is obsessed with improving your Lead Velocity Rate (LVR).

Bonus: Pricing is also something you should note when conversing with any B2B lead generation companies out there. Make sure you understand all of the fees and any expectations surrounding # of leads you may get, timelines, etc.

Pay for Performance B2B Lead Generation Strategies

When it comes to lead gen companies out there, they all seem to attack lead generation differently. Some of the tactics we’ve seen include:

  • Social advertising
  • Outbound calling
  • SDR creation and training
  • Appointment setting
  • Google Ads management
  • Organic (SEO ) optimization and more.

Our process includes some of this but is truly customized to fit the type of B2B company you are. This flexibility results in a much better output and leads that close faster and are more valuable from a LTV perspective.

b2b pay for performance lead generation how it works


Supplementing a Current Sales Pipeline with Better Leads

This is the stage to where a majority of our clients come to us from.

They are currently generating leads with a marketing agency or they have sales reps that are actively searching for prospects.

Some of the benefits to supplementing your B2B sales pipeline with pay for performance lead generation, include:

  • Zero risk leads
  • Integration into your CRM & process
  • LVR improvement up to 80%
  • Happier sales team members
  • Happier marketing team
  • A learning process that will improve the overall lead generation / demand gen data

Want more into on B2B lead generation from a pay fr performance perspective? Call, chat or schedule a demo with us today.

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